The Maine Quality Improvement Directory is a comprehensive inventory of initiatives and organizations working toward the broad goal of improving the quality of healthcare in Maine.

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The Maine Quality Improvement Directory was created by Maine Quality Counts (QC) as an inventory of statewide health care quality improvement initiatives and organizations in Maine. In keeping with QC’s mission to align and support quality improvement efforts, the Directory showcases a wide range of activities and organizations that are working to improve the health care in the state. QC has developed this Directory to provide a baseline understanding of the activities and investments being made to improve knowledge, skills, and structures within Maine.

During the initial phase of developing the Maine QI Directory, we have aimed to include organizations and initiatives that operate at a statewide level , although it should be noted that a handful of programs or initiatives included in the database are not statewide, but are being implemented across multiple counties and/or span large geographic areas. We have included a broad range of statewide quality improvement activities and organizations that offer one or more of the six following elements of quality improvement: community leadership for quality improvement; performance measurement and public reporting of quality data; programs offering assistance to providers to improve quality; consumer education and empowerment in improving health care quality; financial incentives for improvement; and Health Information Technology (HIT).

While we have done our best to accurately describe initiatives, and to identify and include all organizations and initiatives meeting these criteria, we recognize that we may have unintentionally made errors in some descriptions, and/or left out some efforts. If you identify errors or would like to update information in the Directory, please use the form below to update or correct any information. If you are working on other quality improvement efforts that meet the above criteria and would like to add this information to the Database, please complete the form below. We will review all requested new or updated information and add it to Directory as soon as possible.

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