Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO)

The Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) collects clinical and financial healthcare information and makes this information accessible to the public. The Maine Legislature established the MHDO as an independent executive agency in 1996. Maine was one of the first states to develop a database of hospital inpatient records covering 100% of all patients discharged from its acute care and psychiatric hospitals, and is the only state with a complete outpatient database (records generated for every visit and service provided). All Maine hospitals are required to submit hospital inpatient and outpatient service data to MHDO. All Maine hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers are also required to submit data on Hospital Health Care Quality, Nursing-Sensitive Patient-Centered Health Care Outcome Measures, Nursing-Sensitive System-Centered Health Care Outcome Measures, and Care Transition Measures. In 2001, the statutes were amended to include the collection of data insurance carriers and third party administrators and to establish the Maine Health Data Processing Center.

Type of Organization: State Agency

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