Accountable Care Implementation Committee

The ACI is a MHMC sponsored payment reform project. The group evaluates healthcare payment models and their desirability and applicability for Maine. The role of the group is to oversee implementation of payment reform changes in Maine to support an improved system. The group received a grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation to begin its work evaluating, vetting, and piloting a reformed payment model. The coalition has engaged consumers, payors, employers, and providers in developing a Value-Based Payment Model. This model matches reimbursement and benefit design to the different service categories from the Dartmouth Atlas. In January 2010, MHMC was awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to further develop and pilot an incentive based reimbursement model to reduce variations in care.

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Pilot Program


Clinical outcomes, utilization variations

target population

Healthcare providers, Public and private payors, Employers

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