Community Care Teams

Maine was selected to participate in the Medicare Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice (MAPCP) demonstration, Medicare’s major medical home initiative. Beginning October 2011, Medicare will join the private purchasers and Medicaid as a payer in the Maine Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Pilot. Community Care Team (CCTs) are a key strategy for improving care and reducing avoidable costs for the patients at any of the participating PCMH and MAPCP pilot locations. CCTs will coordinate and connect patients to additional healthcare and community resources in order to support their health improvement goals, achieve better health outcomes and reduce avoidable costs. As of 2011, health insurance payers have agreed to pay primary care practices for the development of the CCT initiative in addition to their per-member per-month payment.

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Learning collaborative, Technical support


Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) measures

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High-risk and/or patients with multiple chronic conditions in one of the demonstration practices



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