Maine Independent Clinical Information Services

Maine Independent Clinical Information Service (MICIS) is an innovative pilot academic detailing program led by the MMA that delivers up-to-date, evidence-based prescribing information to health care providers. The program uses data and guidelines developed by non-commercial sources, with the primary goal being to improve clinical outcomes. MICIS was mandated by the Maine Legislature, and funded by fees collected from pharmaceutical companies as a cost of doing business in the state. The Legislature wanted to create a mechanism where physicians and other providers could be exposed to clinical content created by an independent group of experts not swayed by financial concerns. MICIS has an advisory committee that consists of representatives from advocate groups, universities, providers, pharmacists, detailers and a Department representative. The academic detailers currently providing training and outreach are contractors with the Maine Medical Association. The MMA provides detailers with marketing materials. The Program is funded by fee collected from pharmaceutical companies as a cost of doing business in the state of Maine in accordance with legislation. Good Health Systems provides data analysis and clinical support.

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Providers Maine residents , Hospitals Payors

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Health care systems , Providers

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