Maine Newborn Hearing Program

The Maine Newborn Hearing Program aims to screen all newborns for hearing loss by one month of age and audiological exams within three months for infants screening positive. The program will improve early intervention and support services to infants and children with hearing loss. The program established a tracking and surveillance system to improve the follow-up and documentation rates. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention financially support the program through cooperative agreements. These funds support office personnel and the continued enhancement of the tracking system. The program also receives federal grants. These funds were initially used to purchase screening equipment for hospitals in 2004. Now the Health Resources and Services Administration funding provides educational resources to parents, professional training, support for Hands and Voices Maine and to purchase the services of a Parent Coordinator, Follow-up Coordinator, and Audiologist.

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learning type

Public reporting, Established protocols, Provided staff training and technical support, Collaboration with midwifery practices


Number of births, Number of newborns screened, Number of newborns who passed screening, Number of infants referred for audiological evaluation, Number of infants with confirmed hearing loss, Number of infants referred for early intervention services

measure methods

ChildLINK the surveillance and reporting system

target audience

Health care providers, Public health officials, Midwifery practices, Child advocates

target population

Infants and children

Project Topics

Audiological screening

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