Pathways to Excellence/ Get Better ME

The MHMCF’s conducts “Pathways to Excellence’ (PTE) surveys to. collect and then disseminate information on the quality of care reported by physicians and hospitals on More than half of Maine’s primary care practices participate and hospital participation is over 90%.

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Use of EHRs, chronic disease registries, e-prescribing and other outpatient safety and efficiency tools, clinical outcomes on diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular treatments, and the delivery frequency of preventative services such as immunizations.

measure methods

NCQA Recognition Programs, BTE Recognition Programs, and internally developed survey

target audience

Healthcare providers, Community Purchasers, Health plans, Consumers

target population

Health care providers, Community Purchasers, Health plans


Varies according to provider and reporting tool used, no cost for patients to view the information

Project Topics

Cost Health Data

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